Kansas Youth Science and Technology (KYST) Foundation was formed in August 2017 to support development of the FIRST® LEGO® League program in central Kansas.  KYST Foundation served as the Kansas Central FIRST LEGO League region affiliate partner organization until September 14, 2019. We are committed to continued service to the youth of Kansas through STEM-based youth development programs and are currently refining how we will implement our mission to support youth and STEM in Kansas. We are a 501(c)(3) organization.

About Our Logo

The KYST Foundation logo shows the elements that are important to the Foundation.  The state of Kansas is represented in the background shape and blue and gold colors.  Youth comes across in the person-like “Y,” science in the atom shape behind the “S,” and technology in the gears.  The KYST Foundation logo is the result of the teamwork of Pratt Community College Graphic Design students Moy Diaz, Briana Neifert and Allison Rose under the guidance of Pratt CC instructor Valarie Dellrocco.  Thank you for your dedication and brilliant work!